Stellis Forum Rules (MUST READ)

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Stellis Forum Rules (MUST READ)

Post  Cynthia on Sat Jul 07, 2012 11:12 am

-We will not tolerate any rude behavior to any member - including race, religion, sexuality .etc

-The use of bad language (cursing, cussing, swearing) is unacceptable. Please remember that this is an all-age forum and younger users will be here.

-Over-the-top use of blood or gore is also unacceptable. There can be little bits of blood here and there with a warning but nothing major.

-Links to adult material (such as nudity) will not go ignored and will be deleted ASAP.

-Any illegal posts (drugs, harming yourself and/or others .etc) will be deleted.

-Links in a post that lead to sites containing viruses/spyware (.etc) will be deleted.

Depending on how severe the case is, a ban could be placed on your account both here and the chat or your account could be deleted permanently.

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Alpha - Head of Communications

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