Rules of Stellis

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Rules of Stellis

Post  Ssk on Sat Mar 24, 2012 10:20 am

The Stellis rule book:

The following rules must be read and comprehended:

Appendix 1


 Age rules: The chat is for users of all ages, the chat will provide a place for users who are much younger, users over fourteen and those who prefer to stay in rooms with the PG17 rule. If you are under the age for the fourteen and seventeen you face a kick and may possibly a ban.
 Cussing: I will allow moderate cussing on the chat and forums, but please consider younger users; if a user asks you to stop cussing, you stop. Otherwise you will be kicked from the chat.
 Flooding: Flooding is frowned upon and we will not accept it, if you happen to flood you will be given a warning, if you persist, you will be given a kick.

If the above rules are broken and are continuously ignored, you will receive a ban on your account for no more than 12 hours.

Appendix 2


 Usernames which are considered impersonating an administrator or moderator will have their username banned if they do not comply with changing your name the ban can become non-negotiable.
We will not allow:
- Substituted usernames using letters, e.g. SSK -- $$k
- Any obvious attempts to using an admin’s username, e.g. SSK98

Appendix 3

Inappropriate behaviour

• Conversations about drugs or drug use will not be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban.
• Sex-related conversations in rooms other than PG17 designated rooms.
• Religious conversations; we do not deter religious discussing but if and when a time arises were a religious conversation is brought up and gets out of hand, an administrator or moderator has the right to remove you from the room.
• ‘Bashing’ racially, sexuality, ethnical, religious and slurs are prohibited.

Appendix 4

Behaviour towards administrators

- Users are not allowed to ignore administrators; this is classified as an offence which can result in a kick.
- Choosing to ignore one admin but listen and follow the rules to an admin is also considered ignoring.
- Harassing admin’s: we will not accept harassment to administrators or moderators, begging admin’s to be part of the team will result in:
1.) Being ignored; the chance of being an admin ever on the chat is reduced.
2.) Kicked; if you continue to harass an admin OR a user, you will be kicked temporarily from the chat.

‘Running away’ from administrators – changing rooms whenever an admin enters, based on the circumstances can be taken as ignoring or avoiding an admin.[/u]

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